Why Do You Need a Fireplace Cleaning?

Keeping Your Fireplace Clean

Most people view having a fireplace in their home as a perk, especially if they live somewhere with exceptionally harsh winters. However, maintaining a chimney is an additional duty that comes with having a fireplace. The good news is that your cherished fireplace won’t cause you any additional stress with routine chimney repair. A fireplace cleaning log assists in removing buildup along the chimney walls and in preventing chimney fires. Creosote is the name for these tar-like deposits. When creosote builds up over time, it becomes extremely flammable and frequently starts chimney fires. Here are some reasons why you should need fireplace cleaning:

Heat your house effectively with a functioning fireplace.

Not only is a build-up in your chimney unsafe, but it also makes your fireplace and heating systems less effective. Your home won’t be heated as efficiently and your fireplace and chimney won’t operate to their full potential if your chimney is blocked by too much soot, creosote, or other obstructions.

Avoid unpleasant odors in the summer.

A foul odor may be a sign that your chimney has too much creosote build-up. You will continue to have this unpleasant odor in your home during the humid summer months if you don’t remove these build-ups and let a professional chimney sweep take care of any other underlying problems that might be the source of the stench.

Keep chimney flames out of your house.

Sooty accumulation is thought to be sufficient fuel to start a chimney fire that could harm your chimney and even spread to your home. Creosote is the residue left behind from burning wood in your fireplace and too much of it can be dangerously flammable. This is especially true if your chimney’s system isn’t functioning properly.

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