Why Do You Have to Clean Your Chimney Periodically?

Is Chimney Cleaning a Must?

These days, many homes have roofing systems with chimneys. If you live in a region with a cold climate, one of the most effective ways to stay warm during the freezing winter is to install an indoor fireplace. However, just like any other thing on your property, fireplaces and chimneys need maintenance. Let’s have a look what makes chimney cleaning a compulsory job to consider every now and then:

  • Improved efficiency; This is an important task to plan because by removing soot, dirt, and debris, your chimney will work more efficiently. When you hire a local specialist to get the job done, you don’t have to worry about any dangerous build-ups and obstructions during work. Your chimney will take the smoke out of your house protecting your home’s interior.

  • Enhanced safety; By investing in a chimney inspection and cleaning, you can be sure that it works just fine preventing any hazardous situations, such as fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. When lumber is burnt, it produces creosote and soot accumulates on the chimney walls. In time, if it is not cleaned professionally, all the dirt and debris can become flammable. And the last thing you need is to cause a house fire because of neglected chimney cleanliness. But when you take care of it, it will return the favor by keeping you and your family safe and sound.

  • Extended lifespan; This is another obvious reason to plan periodic chimney cleaning. Chimneys are usually made of masonry materials, such as brick and mortar plus double-wall metal sheets, etc. When you get them cleaned by a scrupulous chimney sweep, the lifespan of those materials will be prolonged. Demolishing an old chimney and building one to include a flue could be an expensive project.

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