When Conducting Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

Factors to Consider When Cleaning the Dryer Vents

Dryer vent cleaning is a service every dryer owner, once in a while, should consider. While this may seem like a hobby, having a properly cleaned vent can save you money on repairs in the future. And, can also ensure that your home, family, and clothes will be free of any unwanted, dampening odors. Dryer vent cleaning can remove lint, leftover moisture, and other debris to keep your vent looking great and your dryer running efficiently.

If you are considering a dryer vent cleaning, your first question should be, how often should it be done? Several factors will play into this answer, including:

  • Your size. Some homes have one dryer, while others have two or three. The number of clothes you wash per load will also affect when you need to have your dryer vent checked.

  • The size of your home. A big, old house will have more places for lint and other debris to build up than a new house that only has a few appliances.

  • The kind of clothes you wash. Some clothes will leave more lint behind than others. Some materials will also trap moisture better than others. This is why the best way to know if you need to clean your vent is to ask yourself the following questions: Is the dryer sheets or fabric Softener sheets left in? Do I have to wash everything before I dry it? Do I use “permanent” dryer sheets?

  • The weather. Only you know when the dryer gets used, so you know if you need it cleaned. If you live in a humid area, this can build up a lot of moisture and lint.

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