What Are the Signs That You Need Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

For a Dry and Cleaner Air

Cleaning the lint tray won’t prevent dryer fires. In addition to cleaning lint after every usage (particularly after drying towels), check the dryer vent. The dryer vent exhausts heat, gas, and moisture from your home. Homeowners often neglect this vent because it’s behind a large piece of equipment. Leaving debris in your dryer vent is risky. A blocked dryer vent might cause a house fire and prohibit your machine from running. Here are significant signs you need to know when to call for dryer vent cleaning service.

The dryer’s auto-shutoff kicks in

Modern dryers auto-shutoff. This safety feature stops your dryer mid-cycle if it traps too much heat and moisture. Trapped heat may indicate a vent obstruction. A clogged vent is a fire hazard that must be addressed promptly.

Lint builds up

Most people remember to empty the dryer’s lint tray after each usage but experts also check behind and beneath the washer and dryer for lint. Excess lint behind the dryer indicates a clogged vent and is unsafe. Because the vent is blocked, lint gathers there.

Pet hair is everywhere

Pet owners may not mind a little fur on trousers or a hoodie but pet hair causes dryer vent build-up and should be monitored year-round. If your pet is shedding heavily (like in the summer), check your dryer more often. Probably needs more cleaning than your rug.

You smell mold

A clogged dryer vent traps heat, moisture, and mold in your dryer. This fragrance isn’t something you want on your clothes, but it can indicate a problem with the vent system. Your laundry area will smell natural after a thorough cleaning.

Clothes take longer to dry

If your dryer is slow, check the vent system. A blocked vent prevents proper airflow, prolonging drying time. Local washer/dryer experts can fix your equipment.

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