The Importance of a Chimney Sweep

Facts About Chimneys You Should Know

A clean chimney is important to ensure a comfortable environment. A dirty chimney can be why your house has lessened heating efficiency, poor indoor air quality, and a more challenging time keeping your home warm. This would be the time for you to get a professional chimney sweep.

Having a professional sweep your chimney multiple times every year is essential. Chimney cleaning is the procedure of flushing out the interior of your chimney. A chimney sweeper has various tools for this and will check for flue blockages and fix them if necessary.

How often should I have my chimney cleaned?

Having your chimney cleaned by a professional sweep every year is recommended. To avoid the build-up of creosote, you should clean the chimney annually. Many factors influence the creosote stuck on the chimney walls, such as the airflow volume into your chimney and the burning of improperly seasoned wood.

Using “Chimney Sweeping Logs” to clean.

It is not the logs that do much of the cleaning; it is the chemicals within them. Some “chimney sweeping logs” products claim to clean chimneys by removing creosote, and some of them do so. But these are the ones that have the same chemical components used by professional sweepers. However, many experts still have a problem with this item. Overall, please do not rely on these items to thoroughly clean your chimneys; it is still better to hire a professional.

Hiring a chimney sweep.

You should call a professional chimney sweeper to do the task for you. Many people are hesitant to have their chimneys cleaned due to misconceptions. The most common myth widely circulated is that chimneys are unsafe to use if it is not clean. That myth would be false; chimneys are safe, and thus the reason why it is still here today.

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