The Best and Easy Chimney Sweep Tricks and Tips

Simple Chimney Cleaning Techniques

The chimney contains a chemical called creosote, which you might not be aware of. It is a residue that forms after lighting a fire in the fireplace; as the smoke rises, creosote is left behind. There is certainly quite a bit of creosote in your chimney today if it hasn’t been cleaned in a while. Early creosote can usually be removed by brushing, but once it has accumulated in the chimney over time, it becomes hazardous.

A reaction that necessitates medical treatment could occur if you are exposed to creosote. Furthermore, it poses a fire risk. High deposits of creosote can start chimney fires because it is so highly combustible. The only way to prevent this from occurring in your house is to clean your chimney frequently. Fortunately, there are methods you can take to make the chimney sweep procedure quick and simple.

Make sure not to ruin your house’s interior.

You must first secure your home’s interior before attempting any work on the chimney. The base of the fireplace should be covered, along with a sizable portion of the floor, by a canvas tarp that has been laid down. In addition, if the fireplace has no doors and is open, you should cover the opening with a plastic sheet. Use a shop vacuum to remove the soot and prevent it from entering the house.

The motor of these vacuums can be placed outside because they have a longer hose than a typical vacuum. You can buy additional vacuum hose lengths if the existing hose is insufficient.

Use a flashlight to double-check your work.

After brushing the chimney flue, use a flashlight to look inside the chimney for any areas you may have missed. You don’t want to have to repeat any actions.

You may watch the inside of the chimney while you work by moving on to the next section of the chimney once you are convinced that the previous one has been thoroughly cleaned. To ensure you didn’t overlook anything, you might want to have someone else check as well, if at all possible.

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