Signs That You Need a Chimney Repair Service

Typical Chimney Issues

Among the aspects of a house that require regular maintenance, chimneys are frequently disregarded and undervalued. Although a chimney can be a lovely and practical addition to a house, it also comes with a new set of duties. An annual chimney inspection and cleaning are necessary whether you have a wood-burning stove, a fireplace that burns wood or gas, or none of these. We’ll go over some typical chimney issues so that you’ll know when to call a chimney repair contractor.

Spalling or cracked bricks

Brick chimneys that are not maintained risk sagging, deterioration, and even collapse. Eventually, bricks can sustain damage. A chimney will frequently have bricks that are spalled and cracked, but with time, they may deteriorate to the point where they must be rebuilt. To restore stability to the chimney, a professional should replace the broken bricks and mortar.

Bad/Missing Chase Covers and Chimney Caps

The crown of a chimney is shielded from garbage, animals, and moisture by chimney caps and chase covers. Over time, it becomes necessary to replace chase covers and chimney caps. Another common occurrence is the incorrect installation of the chase cover or chimney cap. By having your chimney inspected, you can find out for sure. The integrity and effectiveness of your chimney will be examined by an expert, who will also inform you as to whether your cap and cover are adequate, need to be repaired, or possibly need to be replaced.

Damaged Mortar

A chimney’s deadliest enemy is moisture. No matter if your chimney is made of stone or brick, mortar binds everything together and keeps moisture out. Whether the mortar is on the chimney crown, in the cracks between the stones, or somewhere else entirely, it is susceptible to harm. A chimney specialist may perform tuckpointing as one of their procedures. Damaged mortar is taken out and new mortar is added when tuckpointing.

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