Reasons to Call a Chimney Inspection Expert

Have a Safer Fireplace

Every house has a chimney and if yours is old and broken, it could be a fire risk to everyone living in the house. This is why you should call professionals for an inspection to check if it’s time for a replacement or just cleaning it up. You’ll know if it’s time to call professionals for chimney inspection if:

Too Small

Your chimney is the main passageway for smoke to leave your house. If it’s too small for the size of the chimney, it means the chimney is old and decaying. If you have a small chimney, it can be hard to maintain and keep it clean because the smoke can spread throughout your house easily. This can cause problems like dirty carpets and walls, foul odors, and even sickness. Because of the small size, you might even have problems getting enough heat to keep your house warm.


Your chimney is not only there to push the smoke away, but it also helps distribute heat evenly. If there are cracks on the chimney, it can damage the bricks and mortar around it. Also, the smoke can damage your walls and ceilings as well. That’s why it’s important to have a chimney that is free from cracks so they don’t cause problems. So, if you see cracks or damage to your chimney, you should have it checked by professional chimney repair specialists right away.

The hearth is Too Long

It’s not normal for a chimney to be this long. Usually, chimneys are around 19 feet. If yours is longer, it means the chimney is larger than the house and it can spread the smoke around the house easily. So try to have it trimmed so it doesn’t spread the smoke and so it’s easy to clean. You can also ask experts to check it because they can trim it for you and make sure it’s done properly.

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