Looking for a Professional to Maintain Your Chimney?

What Are the Different Kinds of Chimney Sweep Service Offered in Today’s Market?

Many homeowners use a chimney sweep service if they have a home with a chimney. A chimney sweep service professional can offer many services which will help a chimney remain safe and efficient. These professionals offer homeowners with peace of mind, knowing that their chimneys meet fire codes and are efficient and clean.

One of the most crucial services they can provide are chimney inspections. Most companies provide yearly inspections when someone purchases or sells a home. The technicians inspect the interior of a chimney, check for any cracked tiles, and see if any mortar joints are loose or missing. The rest covers fire hazards, carbon monoxide, and the overall condition of a chimney.

Another service is chimney cleaning. Whilst cleaning, the technicians will clean out fireplaces and various chimney parts. Some even look on the roof for any loose shingles which could fall in the chimney and create a lot of damage. This chimney sweep service could include dusting the smoke chamber, hearth, ash door and firebox.

Some of the more versatile services can even repair chimneys. Cracks that were not repaired will make a chimney weaker, which will result in more expenses and repairs that a homeowner will have to deal with as the chimney gets older. The employees in a chimney company may even be skilled enough to rebuild fireplaces and install mortar and bricks into a deteriorating chimney. Other services may include taking down the original chimney and re-building a new one.

Most services performed by experts include dry vent inspections since non working or faulty vents are the main cause of house fires. A representative from the company will show a homeowner the right way to clean the vent. This expert will check to ensure the vent is blowing and there is no lint in the heating system.

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