Important Reasons to Schedule a Chimney Inspection ASAP

Don’t Neglect Your Chimney!

During chilly weather, curling up in front of a blazing fire is one of the easiest, most rewarding activities. The fires, smoke, and water damage that can result from improper chimney inspection maintenance, however, are anything but pleasant. A qualified technician’s inspection of your chimney, fireplace, or wood-burning stove is necessary to prevent significant issues and maintain the effectiveness of your venting system. Here’s why:

Prevent a Chimney Fire

Due to improper chimney and wood-burning fireplace cleaning, creosote buildup is to blame for more than one out of every four residential home fires. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPa), it is the main reason why homes catch fire. It should come as no surprise that chimney fires usually happen between December and February. Creosote is flammable and can spread to combustible objects throughout your home can be ignited in the chimney by a burning ember or the strong heat from the fireplace. One of the numerous things a specialist looks for while evaluating the chimney and fireplace is excessive creosote. That is the most effective method for preventing a chimney fire.

Make Certain No Hazardous Gasses Are Seeping Into Your Household

In addition to checking for creosote accumulation, a chimney & fireplace inspection is crucial for ensuring dangerous gasses, including carbon monoxide, aren’t leaking into your home. Carbon monoxide is an invisible gas that has no flavor, color, or odor. For people who don’t notice the carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms, such as headache, nausea, vomiting, and confusion, it can be fatal. Dangerous gasses can enter your home through the chimney and fireplace in a number of different ways. For instance, the flue vent may become blocked by leaves, twigs, animal nests, and other debris. A hazardous backdraft can happen when the gasses in the chimney can’t be released, forcing smoke and toxins into your living space through the fireplace.

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