Fireplace Cleaning Tips

Do You Need to Have Gas Fireplaces Cleaned?

Even new homeowners know that regular fireplace cleaning is necessary for ash and carbon-producing wood fires, but there are some questions about whether gas fireplaces need cleaning too. After all, they do not burn wood but use propane or natural gas, so do they produce the same creosote that becomes a fire hazard if ignored in wood-burning fireplaces?

While gas fires don’t produce creosote, they still require annual cleaning. Both propane and natural gas are clean burning fuels, so they do not create the same derivatives as wood but still produce a build-up that will need cleaning. However, chimney owners must remember that chimney sweeping and inspection are not only for creosote. It is for other problematic issues too. A chimney cleaning of a gas fireplace will remove items such as bird’s nests, animals, and any debris that could be trapped in there, in addition to any soot. Furthermore, chimney cleaning is often an inspection. Meaning your chimney sweep can spot any potential problems early on. If you have a leak or a vent that doesn’t open or close, by catching these problems early, the repair will cost less than if you notice it years later.

Gas chimneys don’t require as much cleaning as their wood counterparts do, but it doesn’t mean they don’t require any cleaning at all. They are vulnerable to chimney issues too, so you should have them cleaned and inspected yearly. After all, you chose a gas chimney, so you didn’t have to worry about ash, wood, and creosote build-up.

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