Chimney Sweep Prep Tips

What to Expect When Having Your Chimney Swept

Did you know that even if your fireplace is not used, you still need to have it swept? Hiring a professional chimney sweep company to come in and inspect it is essential to maintaining a healthy fireplace and chimney. This is something that you should take seriously, and it needs to be done a few times a year; otherwise, you are putting yourself and your family at risk.

After choosing a company and making an appointment for a chimney sweep to come, you can expect to receive a call to confirm your appointment in advance. You may have been given an approximate time for the chimney sweep to show up during the day. If you didn’t receive a confirmation call, it wouldn’t hurt to give the company a quick call just to make sure they are still planning on servicing your home.

Your appointed chimney sweep will come and inspect and then prep the area for cleaning and sweeping. You should see them laying drop cloths or plastic where they are going to clean to protect your home and belongings. The chimney sweep will also come with a shop vac that will remove any mess.

Chimney sweeps will use a heavy metal bristled brush that they will push up and clean your chimney. These tools are long rods and have bristles at the end. Professional chimney sweeps will also come with goggles, gloves, and masks to protect themselves from all the soot and ash.

They will start from the flue and work their way up, then again from the roof’s chimney access and downwards. Either way, the ultimate goal is for them to remove the coating that has built up inside the chimney lining from numerous fires. The coating and debris fall to the fireplace and will then be swept up and vacuumed away.

If you would like to set up an appointment with a professional chimney sweep, please contact Flathead Chimney and Dryer Vent Cleaning Services at (406) 249-5732 now if you live in the Coram, MT region.