Chimney Inspection Benefits

How Homeowners Benefit From a Chimney Inspection


The holidays are fast approaching, and there may be no better way to enjoy wintry mornings than to have family and friends gather around the warmth of the fireplace. But before you light up the fireplace, you may need to get a chimney inspection done ASAP. Still scratching your head and wondering why such an inspection is needed when your fireplace seems to be working just fine? Read on to know why.

Shoo away uninvited guests

Small animals and birds are known to take refuge inside the chimney during the warmer months when the fireplace isn’t used as much. Their nests can often obstruct the feature and eventually cause damage to the crown, cap, and masonry. Worse, their nests may block the passage of fumes and smoke, which will then lead to carbon monoxide entering your home and subsequently endangering the entire household.

Reduce the risk of fire

Having creosote accumulate in the flue will definitely be hazardous to your house. It is a common fire hazard after all, and it’s only through an annual chimney inspection that you get to reduce the risk it poses. In case you don’t know what creosote is, it’s a black flammable substance that is a natural by-product of burning wood. It slowly builds up, layer upon layer, inside the walls of the chimney each time you light up the fireplace. When the creosote gets too thick, it can easily be ignited by burning embers; and this can instantly engulf the chimney in flames.

Maintain the chimney’s structural integrity

Frequent use, environmental exposure, and even periods of inactivity can all add to the wear and tear the chimney sustains. With the inspection, the chimney inspector will look for damages, cracks, and any other issues that can weaken the chimney’s structure. This maintenance check is essential so that you get to use your chimney and fireplace longer.

Without an annual chimney inspection, you’d wake up one day to find that your fireplace and chimney have become safety hazards. Of course, dealing with pertinent problems while they are small could save you time and money. If you’re needing such a service in Coram, MT, don’t hesitate to call Flathead Chimney and Dryer Vent Cleaning Services. Dial (406) 249-5732 for further inquiries or bookings.