Chimney Inspection and Maintenance Tips

Protect Your Chimney!

It’s simple to overlook the necessity for a yearly chimney inspection and cleaning of the chimney as long as we can see a column of smoke coming from it. Creosote and soot will undoubtedly be deposited in some quantity on the inner walls of the flue with prolonged usage of your wood burner as a heat source. Without thorough cleaning, those deposits might accumulate to the point where they will eventually catch fire and cause a flue fire, which is the worst scenario for wood burners. Here are ways to maintain your chimney:

Waterproof the chimney.

In brick and masonry, moisture can seep. It can seriously harm the chimney’s structure throughout the winter as a result of the water’s freezing and thawing cycles. Your chimney should be waterproofed once a year as one method of preventing this. Water damage caused by leaks can be avoided by applying a waterproof sealant to the stonework.

Invest in a chimney cap.

You can install a chimney cap on your home, if one doesn’t already exist, to shield your chimney from water damage and reduce the risk of a chimney fire. The chimney cap functions as an umbrella, preventing snow and rain from entering the chimney. In order to stop animals, leaves, and yard waste from clogging the chimney, it also features mesh around the sides.

Place the damper at the proper location.

The air movement into and out of the chimney is managed by the damper, which is a hinged flap or vent. To prohibit heat from escaping from your home and to block outside air from entering, the fireplace should be closed while it is not in use. Your fireplace should always be open when in use so that smoke may escape and outside air can fuel the flames.

Keep the space clear around the fireplace.

Maintain a minimum 3-foot distance between rugs, chairs, and other household goods and the fireplace. It is still possible for stray sparks to escape from a fireplace that has a screen surrounding it and ignite any furniture or other flammable items that are within 36 inches of the hearth.

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