Avoid the Risk of Health Issue With Fireplace Cleaning

Prevent the Health Risks That a Fireplace Poses to Your Home

Amid winter, as the winds howl and the snow falls outside, your fireplace works wonders to keep you warm and cozy. Unfortunately, if your fireplace is not well cleaned by an expert, it can harm your health even though it has the potential to save your life. Fireplace cleaning can help you and your family avoid the risk of health issues. Here are the reasons why you don’t want to mess with a dirty fireplace.

Respiratory Problems

Creosote dust will be present in the air if your chimney is unclean. Most noticeably affected is the air right around the chimney. All members of your family could be impacted because fireplaces are commonly installed in heavily used communal spaces like living rooms and family rooms. Asthma and other breathing problems can be brought on by these creosote particles, and pre-existing illnesses can be made worse. Creosote is a hazardous material that can irritate your lungs and harm them, in addition to potentially starting chimney fires, which is a risk that is terrible enough.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

The materials that are burning in your fireplace may not fully and properly burn if the conditions inside the fireplace are dirty. Because of this, a carbon monoxide buildup scenario may occur. Carbon monoxide poisoning is among the most fatal risks. Its lack of color and smell is primarily to blame for this. Inhaling carbon monoxide may cause you to feel sick, yet you cannot detect it when it is present.

Skin and Eye Irritation

In addition to respiratory issues, when smoke and creosote particles can’t adequately exit, other organs may also become affected. You could irritate your skin and eyes as well. The eyeballs are extremely delicate. The soot from the dirty chimney can frequently make you feel burned. There is a chance that enough exposure over time will result in chemical burns. Additionally, if you physically come into contact with creosote, your skin, the greatest organ of your body, could have problems like rashes.

Having your fireplace cleaned by experts in Coram, MT is the best course of action. You can rely on Flathead Chimney and Dryer Vent Cleaning Services for a high-caliber fireplace cleaning service. Call me on (406) 249-5732 right away!