All About Chimney Inspection

A Must-Read Before Hiring a Chimney Inspector

Go through the following to find out what chimney inspection services you’ll want to book:

Ask About Their Inspection Schedule

It’s important to inquire about detailed inspection schedules and protocols with local chimney contractors. If a company doesn’t have a detailed inspection process in place, it’s a red flag. If your chimney isn’t inspected as frequently as you’d like, you can hire a local repair company for a once-over whenever necessary. However, if you see signs of smoke damage and other problems, schedule an inspection as soon as possible. It’s your safety to remain safe when working around the fire. Make sure to ask about their inspection schedule so you’ll know when they inspect your chimney.

Check the Expert’s Credentials

It’s best to hire a chimney specialist who is fully licensed and insured. If a company has these credentials, you know they’ll be able to keep your family safe while working on your property. Look for an inspector who also has branch offices across the country to ensure your chimney is being inspected effectively. It also ensures that you can call upon the same experts if and when you need help.

Ask About Their Experience

In chimney repair, things can go wrong at any point. It’s hard to know what to expect when you hire a chimney sweep because each situation is different. It’s not just about knowing how to inspect a chimney or repair a chimney; it’s about knowing how to deal with the problems you’ll encounter along the way. Therefore, it’s worth it to hire a chimney sweep that has dealt with these kinds of problems before. You’ll also find a high-quality company that has been in business for a long time.

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