3 Signs That You Need to Call a Chimney Repair Specialist

Repairing the Damage Early Saves a Lot!

If you notice a lot of soot buildup on your walls, these could be signs of a chimney problem. With chimney inspections, a professional will need to check various parts of your chimney as well as perform various tests to determine the cause of the build-up and discover the extent of the damage. The following are signs that your chimney is having a problem and must be checked by a professional chimney repair specialist.

Making Odd Noises

Having a chimney that makes odd noises, beeps, or knocks could be a sign of damage. The noise could be caused by a chimney’s liner, crown, or any other part of a chimney’s interior. If your chimney does make noises, have it inspected by a professional. Over time, chimneys can become damaged and develop leaks that cause noise when being used. If you hear banging or knocking sounds, have a professional check the chimney for damage.

Smoky Chimney

If you smell smoke when you are trying to light the fire, this could be a sign of a chimney fire. You should have your chimney inspected right away by a professional. While this is a sign that a chimney fire is nearby, it doesn’t mean there is one. You just smell smoke that is coming from your chimney. However, if you don’t see any smoke coming out of your chimney, or you see signs of fire inside your chimney, have a professional check it out right away.

Soot in the Fireplace

Soot should be removed from your fireplace because it can cause a range of issues for your home. This can be hard to remove if you don’t know what to use to clean it. When you see soot in your fireplace, it could be a sign that something isn’t working properly. When you do have your chimney professionally cleaned, make sure to ask the cleaning service to check your fireplace as well.

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