3 Factors for a Quality Chimney Inspection

What Are Those Things That Affect the Condition of Your Chimney?

Every chimney cleaning company has its own method when it comes to chimney inspection. Professional chimney sweepers have to understand various issues that may occur when it comes to chimneys. Here are truly some of the things that will affect the cleanliness and condition of your chimney that will be a great help for a quality inspection.

Chimney Type

There are several kinds of chimneys. They are made of clay, concrete, bricks, and other materials that are used for their durability. Each of these materials has its own kind of issues. For example, chimneys made of concrete will be affected by the freezing weather. The debris that accumulates on the chimney walls is hard to be removed. And it will easily break off. That’s why it’s important to clean the chimney regularly.

The Fireplace

Chimney sweepers will have to know about the fireplace. Know about the fuel used for the fireplace. Know about the sparks that fly out of the chimney when a fire is lit and the chimney is in use. Know about the size and construction of the firebox. And last but not least, know about the venting system. It will greatly help them to determine the chimney’s condition and whether it needs to be cleaned or repaired.

The Fuel

Every chimney is different. There are chimneys that are designed to use natural gas, wood, and other kinds of fuel. The fuel that is used in a chimney has a huge impact on its condition. The kind of fuel used can affect the cleaning needs of the chimney. Know the kind of fuel that is used so that you can choose the best cleaning method to use.

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